International Whores Day

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Immigrants, women, transgender/non-binary/genderqueer, queer, POC, people living with disabilities, economically disenfranchised and working class folks:

MACC stands with those among these already marginalized people who, thanks to the recent passage of the FOSTA/SESTA laws are facing crises including total and sudden loss of income, legal charges and prosecution, loss of services used to advertise in order to obtain income, loss of services crucial in screening clients for violent and abusive behavior, and more.

With these new laws, Sex workers are (again) continually being targeted. Sex workers are part of both our social and political communities. Sex workers already survive and work at the margins of society. Sex workers are people who deserve our support. To this end the MACC Anarchist Feminist Caucus is working to organize upcoming community events/fundraise at anarchist events to raise funds for sex worker support funds.

We invite you to join us in attending and supporting International Whores Day on June 2nd!

Survivors Against SESTA Call to Action

Facebook Event

#EndWhorephobia #InternationalWhoresDay #IWD2018

Solidarity with the New School Occupation

The Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council stands in solidarity with the New School Occupation, and its goal of securing justice for the cafeteria and grad student workers, without whom the school would be unable to function. Both we and the New School occupation see the base hypocrisy of an institution claiming to prepare students for making positive change, while at the same time, treating workers as fungible cogs to be replaced when no longer convenient. This is a reflection of not only the excessive power wielded by bosses over the workers, but structural racism as well, considering that many of these workers are black and brown individuals. If this nominally “progressive” university were really living up to its principles, it would have supported the workers as true members of its community.

Unfortunately, though, the New School can only view them as line items on a spread sheet, not as human beings with thoughts, feelings, needs and fears. Even if the school wanted to change its contractual arrangement regarding cafeteria service, that is no reason to throw the workers into an insecure and uncertain fate on what is essentially a whim. While we are encouraged by the school’s offers to rehire the workers, we remain skeptical of its sincerity given the school’s reaction to previous protests regarding university policy. Because of this, we wholeheartedly support the continued struggle to secure justice for the workers in a way that demonstrates the principles of solidarity, mutual aid and autonomous direct action as we all work to build a society free of class oppression and other coercive hierarchies.

2bb Intro Edition

Check out the Inagural Issue of 2BB (To Be Bad)! The topic for this issue came in the form of a question: What does it mean ‘To Be Bad’? To be bad is to be a subject of our own struggle, to be intimate with fear, to laugh in the face of the oppressor, and to celebrate our bonds with one another. We are committed to making this a space for everyone, so if you are inspired by what you see here, please join us for our next issue! (Full disclosure: Since we are pretty ‘bad’ at this, we aren’t totally 100% sure on when that next issue will be out, but let’s say Summer 2018).

Download it here!

2bb cover