Stop the Genocide and Free Palestine


Israel has been ethnically cleansing the Palestinian people from their indigenous lands since the Nakba in 1948, but in the last week this genocidal campaign has escalated into one of full on extermination in Gaza. More than 2 million people are confined to an open air prison. Bombs are being dropped on their homes, their schools, their roads and their hospitals. White phospherus fills the air burning all in sight. Israel has said explicitly that It is targeting all Palestinians, even civilians, even children.

Over 3,000 people have already been murdered and those that remain are being starved and denied water. These acts are happening with the full support & funding of the US. We stand unequivocally in solidarity with Palestinians in their fight for liberation and against all settler colonial and fascist states from the US to Israel. Stop the Genocide and Free Palestine.

Published on October 20, 2023

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