Call to Protest Erdogan at the UN General Assembly


On May 16 2017, dictator president of Turkey, Erdoğans 12 man security detail brutally attacked a small group of protesters in Washington DC, leaving victims battered and bleeding. People participating in the protest included Armenians, Ezidis, Kurdish peoples, and Assyrians. Protesters raising PYD flag were conspicuously targeted for their support of the anti-fascist feminist revolution currently taking place in Rojava, a revolution that strikes at the heart of fascist Erdoğans regime and is responsible for facilitating sustainable organised mass liberation from and defeats against ISIS and Erdoğans turkish military. In 2016, similar attacks on protesters occured at the hands of Erdoğans security detail. In 2014, New York, Turkish security threatened and pushed around journalists working for a newspaper perceived to be critical of Erdogan. As the Peoples Protections Units of the YPG and YPJ in autonomous Rojava fight for the destruction of patriarchy, rape culture, and fascism, and literally for their lives and those of others, so to we must take our message to the UN this Wednesday, September 20, to stand together with those most affected by Erdoğans terror, while he sits inside

While Erdoğan has supplied military personal to Daesh (ISIS) and ensured their safe passage into Rojava to terrorise innumerable villages of people of long oppressed ethnicities, he has also sent bombings and ground attacks by his military. During the May 2017 US visit Trump called Erdogan a strong ally in the fight against terrorism and said he was making sure military equipment ordered by Turkey was being dispatched quickly. Germany has sold 25 million Euros worth of weapons to Turkey in the first 8 months of 2017.

Meanwhile Erdoğan fraudulently won an election giving himself uninhibited dictatorial authority, and has been imprisoning opposition journalists, politicians, academics, and other individuals, and also maintains laws making being transgender illegal in Turkey. While the UN has criticised Erdoğan for human rights violations, this cannot go far enough. We say rights that can be given can also be taken away. We want more than rights, we want total liberation!

Lets show our support for revolutionary freedom fighters in Rojava, lets bring their message to the UN and to the US. Fascists better watch your backs, you are not needed or wanted. Erdoğan out of Rojava! Long live YPJ and YPG! long live Rojava! Free Abdullah Ocalan (Apo)! Smash Fascist Erdoğan!

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Published on September 16, 2017

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