Thoughts on the Palestine War - 2023

- By Adisorn of The Hills

It feels like 9/11 again. New conflicts, old arguments and familiar scapegoats. And in the sense that the western world at large has refocussed it’s lust for god, guns and genocide from it’s current infatuation with post Jim Crow black folks and model minorities, to it’s old infatuation with the mongol hordes in the far east. Coveting the silk, the spices, the rubber, commodities consumed to sate an appetite of extraction and oppression.

And this time it is in defense of one of it’s favorite vassals. An apartheid state propped up by u.s. tax dollars to keep a strategic foothold in the middle east. Occupying another subjegated population that “should be grateful” for the “civilization” that was given them by a conquerring force. A populace that should be heard and not seen, and if they defend their home (as is their right according by international law), they are met with cluster bombs, white phosphorus and inhumanity. “Stop resisting, comply, stop resisting”: familiar chants uttered as they are oblitterated beyond memory. Familiar phrases spoken by another occupying police force that trains with the idf.

Wan smoke of self-made fires envelop the cityscape of another city on occupied land. The fires of xenophobia, islamophobia and zionism, all being stoked by old superstitions of ones sky father being better than anothers sky father. State news saying hamas has sleeper cells ready to attack the states, the nypd telling new yorkers not to ride the subway because of terrorist attacks, people posting flyers all around the city stating false crimes by Palestinians. It is the exact same playbook and exact response that this late-stage colonial empire applied 22 years ago, and everyone is lapping it up and slow walking us to another unwinnable war to line the pockets of weapons contractors.

Palestinians, Jews, Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis, Yemenis, Argentinians, Venezualians, Colombians, Mexicans and all people of every land, love, rage and solidarity. With the people always and never with the warring city-states that fracture sisters and brothers against each other. The seas are rising, the people are rising, and one day we will all gaze at the same horizon together.

Adisorn of The Hills

Published on October 18, 2023

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