January 7th General Assembly: Preparing for “Disrupt J20”

The Base BK

Saturday, January 7th (7PM-8:30 PM)


The Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC) is holding its 2nd assembly on January 7th at The Base starting at 7 PM. We’re getting concrete about our plans for the inauguration (Disrupt J20): finalizing travel plans, proposed actions in NYC & DC, and tending to logistics. We’ll also briefly address plans for a MACC press collective and our potential participation in “anti-Trump” activist coalition meetings scheduled for early January.

In our present historical moment our task is vast, but so are the possibilities. As MACC develops we aspire not only to be at the forefront of the struggle against xenophobia, racism, misogyny and right-wing reaction, but to also go on the offensive - seeding these struggles with a form of radical, participatory politics that undermines capitalist logic at its root. MACC assemblies are open to all anarchists, so please invite and share widely to help us build an anarchist movement forum in NYC.

Preliminary Agenda:


  1. Logistics

  2. Transportation

  3. Legal/Jail Support (DC)

  4. Actions (NYC/DC)

Press Collective

Early January Coalition Meeting (NYC Resist)

Report backs / P.S.A.’s


We now have a website live at macc.nyc. Through the website we’ll be hosting information on participating anarchist projects, a calendar of events, resources, and announcements about assemblies and organizing meetings. Please sign up at macc.nyc/contact if you would like to receive meeting minutes and announcements about future assemblies and their planned agendas. If you’re in an active anarchist project that would like to be affiliated with MACC please get in touch at info@macc.nyc with a brief (~100 words) write up and logo.

In addition to the MACC website we have created a calendar for anarchist events hosted at anarchism.nyc. If you run a social media account or facebook page for an anarchist project please link to the calendar so that we can make it as visible as possible!

For information on MACC, its format and the core purpose of our anarchist umbrella please visit the website. If you have questions or are interested in organizing MACC e-mail us at info@macc.nyc.

Published on December 20, 2016

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