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MACC Money Management Policy

General principles

  • Spending decisions are ultimately made through consensus on the MACC Money Spokes. This is separate from the MACC Money working group. The MACC Money WG is responsible for executing disbursements, maintaining financial records, guarding against misappropriation, and performing necessary upkeep on MACC’s financial infrastructure. It does not make any spending decisions.
  • The MACC Money Spokes will rotate membership every six months in staggered terms, where the new members are trained by the old members. However, at least one person listed on the actual MACC bank account shall be on the spokes thread at all times.
  • Free options are prioritized. Money should only be spent after free options are considered. If there is a request for money, those proposing must explain why free options won’t work for their purpose.
  • We shall strive to avoid compromising purchases.
  • We shall favor transparency to the greatest practical extent. Spending is itemized and must come with supporting documentation and be done with at least two witnesses present.

Disbursement Process

A member of the MACC Money Spokes makes a request specifying:

  • How much money they need
  • What they need it for
  • A line item breakdown of what they plan to spend it on
  • Why free options would not work

The rest of the Spokes discusses and reaches either consensus on the issue, with possible modifications, or rejects the proposal. If consensus is reached, the MACC Money WG then arranges for the money to go to the working group that made the request. Once a purchase is made, the purchaser must provide supporting documentation such as a receipt or even a photo. All purchases must be made in the presence of at least two other members of MACC. The purchase is then logged into the books, along with a picture or digital copy of the supporting documentation.

Requests from outside the Money Spokes

Any member of MACC may send an email to the MACC Money WG with a spending request. This is then communicated by the MACC Money WG to the MACC Money Spokes. All other steps are identical to the above paragraph.

Auditing Process

Every six months, three people from outside the MACC Money group will be empowered by the organizing group to conduct an audit of the last half year’s spending and check if the documentation matches account balances. Any discrepancies must be discussed with the MACC Money Spokes. No one can be an auditor more than once a year.

Documentation Policy

Spending and income are logged both on notebook and a spreadsheet, along with supporting documentation, and a short description of what it was for (in the case of a purchase). Only members of MACC Money WG will have access to both the spreadsheet and the notebook, unless it is time for an audit, at which point the members of the audit team shall also have access.

Financial Report

A member of MACC Money will do a quick financial report during each GA, going quickly over how much there was last month, how much was spent, and how much we have now. During the organizing meeting, this report can be broken down by WG.

Budget Structure

Our fund will be store in one bucket. This general fund can be spent on sustaining cost (regular expenses like subscriptions), resources for campaigns, and emergencies (for matters of life, limb and freedom).

Petty Cash

MACC shall also maintain a petty cash fund separate from the general budget. It may have no more than $500 in it at a time. It can be released through consensus of the MACC Money Spokes.