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Six Months After The Election, What Does "The Resistance" Mean Now?

With marches and protests occurring on a near weekly basis, the momentum of anti-Trump hasn't dissipated, surprising skeptics and even uniting contentious factions on the left. But how does a movement avoid fatigue and translate pageantry into meaningful action?

Anger at Trump fuels May Day rallies across the US

Arrests and clashes take place in several US cities as tens of thousands rally for International Workers' Day.

We need May Day more than ever. Unite to dream and fight for a better tomorrow

After Donald Trump’s victory in November, many people mourned … but many more organised. Today we celebrate the resurgent left that will not back down.

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Why we should listen to anarchists in the age of Trump

Anarchism calls for a politics that doesn't begin and end with politicians.
Strangely this is a decent article from a Jesuit magazine.

America, It's Your Civic Duty to Punch a Nazi

Spencer shouldn't be shocked at being punched; instead, he should expect it every time he steps out onto the street.
An excellent piece in from flavorwire of all places!

Trump and everyday anti-fascism beyond punching Nazis

The goal of everyday anti-fascism is to increase the social cost of oppressive behavior to the point where those who promote it see no option but to hide.
Why we need anti-fascism every day.

New-Nazi Richard Spencer Got Punched--You Can Thank the Black Bloc

 A dispatch from inside the J20 protests.
By the wonderful Natasha Lenard

Mahatma Gandhi, Baltimore, and the Myth of Nonviolence