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What is Conflict Revolution?

Conflict Revolution is a MACC Anarchx Feministx working group. We study and practice conflict mediation and mindful communication from a revolutionary, anarchist, and abolitionist perspective. We do not mediate disputes. Rather, we aim to develop and share skills needed for communities to resolve their own conflicts. We develop these skills through readings, discussions, and practical practice of conflict mediation.

Our thoughts are forming and evolving! We’ll be sharing notes from our discussions here on the MACC blog as we explore these topics.

Culture of Community Disposability

We read and discussed Abolition Culture: Moving Beyond Disposability in the Movement. Here are some points and questions that came up for further exploitation:

  • People are conditioned for disposability, and can end up treating themselves as disposable. This can manifest as leaving a group when a problem is brought to their attention. Or as being afraid to speak up because they’re worried about being pushed out/disposed of.
  • Investment in a relationship must be even and balanced from both sides to be able to work through problems.
  • People get very defensive when receiving feedback, and can end up escalating a minor suggestion into an argument. How do we give and receive feedback in a helpful, non-disposable way?
  • What communities do you invest in? There are many relationships and groups in peoples’ lives. Is the work needed to repair a relationships or group sometimes to great to be warranted? There’s a balance to strike here.
  • There’s no perfect group to be found, and every group will have problems. Don’t leave, if possible try to stay and make it better.

Published on August 26, 2017

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